Elizabeth Taylor: Born on this day in 1932

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the greatest actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age was born on this day in 1932. Taylor was recognized for her acting ability, beauty and distinctive violet eyes. See some of her most famous films here.

MovieFanFare salutes Elizabeth Talyor Born on this day in 1932

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  • Tito Pannaggi

    She was SO beautiful in “Ivanhoe” (1952) as Rebecca!

  • http://www.facebook.com/whatever41 Cynthia LaRochelle

    Such a natural beauty.

  • Alice Lund

    When I saw her in A Place In The Sun I knew I would be a fan forever.

  • Susan

    I hate to complain on a day that we commemorate the birth of this incredibly wonderful woman who was the epitome of grace because her spirit was as beautiful as her physical presence. She gave of herself as a talented performer and that is an achievement unequaled by those who can’t come close to her quality of work. She, as others do, could rest on those achievements. But while she was a successful business woman, and gave tirelessly to many charities including the establishment of a charitable foundation (in a pioneering effort for AIDS), she endured a lifetime of terrible physical pain. All this would have been more than enough for most, but Ms. Elizabeth was devoted to her family. She was the proud mother to her three children, and adopted a fourth. How many of us could take on that responsibility? My complaint? Last night was the 84th Academy Award celebration. Twitter participants were busy making rude remarks because they had never heard of the night’s host Billy Crystal. When Ms. Taylor died, I heard young people comment they never heard of Ms. Taylor. Radio “personalities” said that they couldn’t understand all the fuss over a fat has- been. These Twitter people, who are often evidently in their teens and early twenties, have consistently remarked how they not only don’t respect people who have made outstanding contributions to our American culture, but they announce their stupidity with pride. They have never even heard of Elizabeth Taylor, or Billy Crystal, or very few people of achievement who are over the age of 20. They don’t take pride in the lives that have made the film industry an American institution. They mock and make disrespectful, cursing statements to belittle these icons. I remember being upset about members of my generation as they contended that those who were too old, were standing in the way of the younger and the more talented. But these digs were not in such huge numbers, and they were not made with so much hate. The only comfort I can find (and it isn’t much) is when I think about what a short time it will be before they too, will be old. The lack of respect they will endure will somehow be more cutting and painful. It isn’t a very pleasant world that will surround them during their “golden” years. I’m glad that I was here to respect, admire, and love Ms. Elizabeth.

  • Blair Kramer.

    I have no desire to diminish the humanity of Ms. Taylor. I’m sure she was a very decent and caring woman. But speaking of Ms. Taylor strictly as an actress, I must say that she never impressed me. She was cold. impersonal. unfeeling. There was no spark. Even when she tried to appear passionate, it seemed to me that there wasn’t any genuine passion at all. In other words, she was an actress who was obviously acting. Or am I missing something? What did she convey that I don’t see?

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  • Pmeis

    I still consider her the most beautiful actress ever, especially in her 20′s and 30′s. No-one really compares. Whenever she touched silverware, it melted in her hand. That is why she had to be fed by others. Talk about hot!!!