Create-A-Caption: The Empire Strikes Back

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!

The Empire Strikes Back

“Luke, I am your father. Now hand over that lightsaber and go to your room, young man!”



  • Stacy B

    Please sir, could I have some more?

  • Jeff Heise

    “You don’ unnastand-I coulda had class! I coulda been a contenda! I coulda been—-empara!!”

  • Laurence Dabek

    Luke, just give me your hand! Oops!

  • Jack

    You heard me correctly! By the gonads!

  • Wayne P.

    I can at least hug you with this face mask on, who’s talking about a stinkin’ kiss, anyway!?

  • BernardS

    I wear a cod piece for protection, am not into S & M !!

  • yamazuki5000

    Alright Obi Wan,Now turn your head and cough!

  • RICH

    quick grab onto to my hand before it’s too late…oooops sorry …may u rest in peace……

  • taj683

    Hurry up and hand me that pay check that YOU earned!!

  • Justin Case

    Damn it, give me the washroom key – I’ve gotta PEE!

  • Golando

    Your tickets please! The movie starts in 5 minutes!

  • Stan

    You need Gonads like mine to be the Overlord’s right hand henchman!

  • teapartygreg


  • jumbybird

    Give it here, When I’m done you’ll never know the difference

  • CLPA

    I an NOT eating limburger cheese ever again!

  • Frederick Gardner

    I wanted to be an opera singer, but the only audience I can get is this blinking wall of lights!

  • Patricia Lehman

    “I dreamed a dream of times gone by…”

  • mkg

    Who’s your daddy?

  • Joescarp

    Yes! I am the grandson of the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

  • RalpW

    Give me the ball

  • Harwen

    Your just like your mother, she never understood….!

  • Randy Armijo

    Did I do that????

  • Hammer76

    All the thugs in the house say Hoooo! Hooo!

  • Melkior

    These acoustics are PERFECT for opera…OH SOLO MIIIIIIOOOOOoooooo……….

  • DMena

    ” Let me give you a hand Luke, now that I chopped it off with my light saber!”

  • Lord Wolfingham

    “This suit is more uncomfortable than anything Hammer ever came up with!”



  • hupto

    “Abra-cadavra and boom! The rabbit is gone. Thank you!”

  • geoyork

    I’ll take a Double Cheesburger with pickles, mustard and onion.

  • Dave

    I guess I’ll have the bong and a blintz.

  • RAWN

    If you smoke you could look like this!

  • Ed

    “Luke, I beg you to please give me a roll of toilet paper, Please!”

  • 116thDream

    ” You moron!! I ordered Bantha poodoo on my pizza!! Last damn time i get delivery!! “

  • cpow8566

    Now let’s see, I know I left that ship parked here somewhere in isle 6?

  • Frank

    I will have a Cola Nut – now!

  • John Yeazel

    My other rolls include: ” The Man in the Iron Mask”, ” The Phantom of the Opera”, and Michael Myers in the “Halloween” movies. Do you think I’m being typecast?

  • Daisy Brambletoes

    Behold, Luke! I’ve done well without that hand, myself, since before you were a twinkle in my eye!

  • Kramer

    I beg you, pleassssse – No More Sequels or Prequels.

  • Rocket Rod

    But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

    It is the East, and Padme is the sun.

  • Fred Kohler

    I told you I ordered fries with my order! Now give me them or else!

  • duckman

    Where’s the bathroom, QUICK!

  • Nick Z

    Hath a Vadar not eyes? If you prick us do we not bleed…or at the very lease, short circuit?

  • Bill K

    I’ve taken enough crap from you, Obi Wan. Now it’s my turn to be a total jerk to some unwitting apprentice.

  • bucky95999

    Luke what did you do for YODA to give you a detention?

  • Probyn

    Pawn to King Four, Idiot!

  • jeph47

    Brush your teeth.

  • Eric.

    Hand over your gun Mr. Bond you’re out of time!

  • ejcamt

    Windshield wipers! Where’s the switch for the damn windshield wipers on this thing?????

  • Lance Liebl Sr.

    I’m out of work and have a family to feed. Please can you give me some change?

  • K Barrios

    Baby, please, it’s only one night out with the guys BEFORE we get married. I promise to be back by midnight….honest!!!

  • Bill Proctor

    Geez! Another 7-10 split!

  • FilmFan104

    Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, like father, like son. Always looking for a “handout”.

  • banjojane66

    “Come fly with……. me!!!”

  • Bruce Reber

    Hey, I was all set to do “The Terminator” but they went with that Schwarzenegger guy instead!

  • stan

    I told you to come with me to the red lite district not the yellow one