Create-a-Caption: Pineapple Express

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
You’re encouraged to leave your own suggestion in the comment section below!


Franco found Two Broke Girls hilarious; Rogan couldn’t possibly fathom why.

  • jim luce

    Isn’t watching porn movies great!

    • hans gruber

      Because decent actors are hard to come by, we picked these two again.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Dude, you are absolutely my favorite babysitter!

  • Groover

    Wow, dude! It’s true like you told me, when you watch an Adam Sandler vid three times in a row you can actually feel your brains go soft, you hear what I’m sayin’.

  • hupto

    Isn’t it amazing? We make all these crappy movies and stupid people actually spend money to see them! Dude, we’re like millionaires! USA! USA! USA!

  • ILMer

    I’d hand you the popcorn but my right hand is busy.

  • Chris Woytak

    “Fuck Jeff Goldblum !”

  • John Y.

    When asked about their great, great grandfathers (Albert Einstein) “Theory of Relativity”, the boys responded: “we have a terrific relationship with all of our relatives. Especially our cousins.”

  • Gary

    God, how does she do that??!

  • Alan

    So you want to take on North Korea? We have the best ideas when we are high.

  • Bruce Reber

    They made “Sleepless In Seattle” dammit, so now we’re gonna make “Clueless In Cleveland”.