2014 Academy Awards Predictions! Movie Irv Nominates Five for the Oscars

I’m now pleased to roll out the red carpet for Movie Irv and hand him the microphone; hopefully you already marked down My Big Prediction for the 2014 Oscars. I was right last year, ignore me at your peril!

This year, rather than approach his first end-of-year predictions with the usual point-by-point covering of every single nomination, Irv has decided to mirror the major categories’ number of available nomination slots (except for Best Picture, which is again going to top out at what…nine?…ten? With only five Best Director slots still available, that gesture is getting a little pointless) and nominate five “sure things” he believes will occur on January 16, 2014, when Hollywood’s most elite will once more begin to pretend: Just to be nominated is honor enough.

Take it away, Irv!

Let’s dispense with all the “I don’t watch the Oscars anymore” stuff, yes? We know. Why not instead use our forum now to talk about what you’ve seen this year that deserves some special recognition; and if you really think Irv is off with his picks (I don’t, in the main, except I’d maybe replace Irv’s Wolf of Wall Street guess about McConaughey with Mud; we did spend a not-insignificant amount of time discussing exactly how to pronounce “Chiwetel Ejiofor“), well, have at it.

The year’s not quite over yet, and it has already been a terrific year for the movies. Get in on the conversation.

  • mike

    To be honest, I have not seen a movie yet this year that deserves an oscar. Most are too political in nature.

  • Brad Filippone

    Small nitpick. These would be the 2013 awards, though, of course, the ceremony is in 2014. Anyway, thanks for these suggestions. I haven’t had the chance to see too many movies this year, and this narrows my list.

  • Masterofoneinchpunch

    I’m still quite behind on 2013 films as this year I spent more on catching up on older films (this tends to be normal; but this year even less current than the previous couple of years; heck I’m still catching up on 2012.)

    There is a dichotomy of thought here though: what I think will be nominated and then my own personal awards. I will concede the former to Irv (with some exceptions) and spout the latter.

    Best animated film: The Croods. I do think this might be the year Pixar will not win. At the beginning of the year if I said to myself this would be my favorite animated film (so far) I would hold told myself to be barmy (of course future self talking to past self is a bit of a barmpot as well.) If Despicable Me 2 wins I would still be happy though.

    Top 3:

    The Grandmaster — I’ve only seen the American version; but best looking film I have seen in a theater since Life of Pi.
    The Worlds End — Bloody fun. One of the reasons I have peppered this post with British colloquialisms dear boy.
    Gravity — Survivalist film in space though could have been more Existential for my tastes, but still well done.

    Best supporting performance that will be ignored: Jim Carrey as the combination of David Blaine and Criss Angel in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.
    Best action film featuring a 1980s icon (in a year full of them): The Last Stand. Completely underrated action film, though fans of Kim Jee-woon would not be surprised.
    Best sequel: Star Trek Into Darkness.
    Most improved sequel: The Wolverine.

    • GeorgeDAllen

      MOIIP, nice set of awards there! I have missed just about every animated movie this year. I did see the half-live-action, half-animated “The Congress,” starring Robin Wright, which I found (despite the interesting concept) to be pretty weak tea. Frustrating.

      I did see “World’s End”–my favorite Wright/Pegg movie remains “Hot Fuzz” by a mile.
      “Gravity” is so far the only movie I’ve paid to see twice. It will loom large in my Top 10.

      The “Trek” sequel I enjoyed while watching it—except for the now-totally-unnecessary appearance by Spock Prime (got to love Nimoy, but please…)–it’s diminishing in my estimation as time goes by. Wishing they hadn’t gone the Khan route, but the cast is just soooo much fun….

      My recommendation is, if you already haven’t, hop on board the Matthew McConaughey renaissance and be sure to catch “Dallas Buyers Club,” which I just saw. MM is building up a truly impressive track record. With his (small, so I gather) appearance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” still to come, this is really turning out to be his year.

      • Masterofoneinchpunch

        Do not expect those top choices to remain top though (the top animated film will probably still be my pick though). I still have so much to see (as I’m sure all of us.) Even years later there will be surprises :) (will Greed or The Crowd ever see proper BD/DVD release?; so glad I finally got to see The Big Parade but I digress.)

        I agree with you about Khan and it does diminish in time. I was thinking this is because of its going more for the action route instead of the more humanistic route of my favorite Trek films, but still so far my favorite sequel (I think, I only watched it once compared to the multiple times I saw Iron Man 3 which I enjoyed but was a step down from previous and the other so-so sequels like RIddick, Percy Jackson and A Good Day to Die Hard).

        I will push the MM films ahead when I get a chance to. I bought Mud this weekend. I always take (and file away) you and Irv’s recommendations. I will make more bizarre (or basic nominations) when I get through many, many more films.

  • Butch Knouse

    I live in “Flyover Country” and I’ve only heard of TWO of those movies. And they wonder why nobody outside of NY and LA watch the Oscars. I will say that Gravity is the BEST Drama I’ve ever seen in my 57 years.